Security Shredding

Wyllie Recycling provide a secure and confidential paper shredding service you can trust including full traceability from collection to destruction. The secure shredding of your paper records is essential to comply with the Data Protection Act, increasing regulations and the protection of personal information against identity fraud.

You have a legal responsibility to protect all the paper records you hold in relation to your customers, suppliers and employees, including invoices, quotations, contracts, bank details, payslips, personnel details, any records which show names, addresses or telephone numbers.

Wyllie Recycling provide a secure collection, shredding and recycling solution for all your confidential waste.

Secure Shredding Bags


  • Flexible service tailored to your requirements
  • All volumes handled efficiently with a choice of collection options
  • Confidential bags and security tags issued free of charge
  • Various sizes of lockable containers available for safe storage
  • All employees vetted and wear company uniforms
  • Waste Transfer Note issued for every collection



  • All documents are shredded within 24 hours of collection
  • Shredding can be witnessed if required
  • High capacity industrial shredding equipment on site
  • Destruction Certificate issued to guarantee completion



Shredded paper is baled and transported to UK paper mills to be recycled into tissue paper.

Box of Files

ISO 9001 URS
ISO 14001 URS
ISO 45001 URS

Waste Management Licence: WML/L/1037193      Waste Carriers Licence: SEA/072624

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