Plastic Granulation

Wyllie Recycling are the only company in the area to offer cutting edge technology for Plastic Shredding and Granulation.

Plastics are the most difficult waste streams to identify and process as there are so many different types. It is vitally important to ensure only hard plastics of the same type are mixed together as even a small amount of contamination of another type can be catastrophic for the processing company which melts the waste plastic before recycling into new products.

Wyllie Recycling have experienced professional staff who are able to provide advice on identifying, handling and storing your waste plastic ensuring you achieve the most cost effective method of recycling.

Some of the hard plastics currently processed include wheelie bins, piping, baskets, drums, containers and lump. Some plastics have identification marks making them easier to segregate,
HDPE 2 – High Density Polyethylene, PP 5 – Polypropylene, LDPE 4 – Low Density Polyethylene, others are not so easy to identify and we use a variety of methods to assist with the classification process. Plastics must be clean of any residue and any other material must be removed such as metal or wood.

Hard plastics must be reduced in size before they can be melted down and recycled into new products. Shredding can reduce plastics into shred of various sizes normally of a few inches. Granulating reduces the size further, into millimetres, making it ideal for the next stage of the process.

Whatever your volumes Wyllie Recycling have the solution with a large choice of containers, equipment and collection vehicles . Skips of varying sizes and type are readily available to suit your individual requirements supported by our fleet of vehicles all designed for fast efficient waste removal. Our curtainsider vehicle which has its own forklift is able to collect your baled/palletised material with minimum disruption to your site and staff.

Waste transfer notes are issued for all our collections in line with duty of care legislation.

ISO 9001 URS
ISO 14001 URS
ISO 45001 URS

Waste Management Licence: WML/L/1037193      Waste Carriers Licence: SEA/072624

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