Segregated Glass Recycling Collections

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Wyllie Recycling offer a segregated CLEAR and COLOURED glass recycling scheme.

A dedicated recycling container sufficient in volume to cope with all your glass is provided for use. The container is collected on your scheduled day(s) and glass is bulked at our Perth recycling depot.

Glass is an ideal product for recycling as it can be melted and reformed infinitely without any loss of quality.

The wheelie bins are made of durable plastic and are fitted with RFID chips.

Collections are ticketless but recorded electronically by the collection vehicle via the micro-chip fitted into the container.

Not only does recycling glass help protect the natural world, but glass diverted from landfill avoids landfill tax and therefore saves you money

ISO 9001 URS
ISO 14001 URS
ISO 45001 URS

Waste Management Licence: WML/L/1037193      Waste Carriers Licence: SEA/072624

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